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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 9, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm CDT

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want a role in choosing a school board members >> and the mayor gives advice to some promising young graduates. we will tell you what he had to say >> things are going very well for us today >> moving day for children's memorial. a new home the a new name and a new beginning >> this move had been carefully planned for years and according to the staff in cannot have gone better. more than a hundred children successfully moved into a brand-new facility. the move started early this morning and took about 14 hours. it began with one of the hospital's young
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dissipations >> just after 6:00 a.m. he sat quietly next to his new teddy bear as the hospital staff carefully put him into the ambulance for a short but historic 3 mi. ride. the five month old is being treated for a muscle deficiency and needs a ventilator to breathe. he is the first of about 130 patients to move from children's memorial hospital in lincoln park to a new state of the art facility the ann and robert h. lurie children's hospital. for the patients and staff the move was a success >> we have not encountered any surprises today >> staff members at both facilities had been planning for the move for the past four years. every move had been carefully coordinated and practice. two dozen ambulances were lined up outside children's memorial early this morning. a big stretch of the fullerton was
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closed for much of the day. staff members say from a symbolic standpoint today was quite special the intern's of transporting patients it was just business as usual >> this is something we do every day over 25 years we have transferred 27,000 patients >> this spacious 23 story the ann and robert h. lurie children's hospital is now up and running the staff even admitted some new patience today along with the others were transferred over. hospital leaders say patients can expect the best service in the country for its young patients >> we're doing everything we can to make sure chicago is the healthiest place in the country for children >> the hospital staff says there were no big surprises today. the move caused an estimated $30
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million. it will take another four months or so to fully decommission children's memorial hospital. the property has been sold. most of it will be bulldozed to make way for new development >> and stay with us tonight at 938 whenina bair it gets a behind-the-scenes view at today's he events at the hospital. she also looks back at all the work their way into making the new hospital aide reality >> some cps parents teachers and community leaders are pushing for an elective chicago board. people who want the change gathered at with their memorial church this morning. currently board members are appointed by the mayor. now some are calling for an advisory referendum on this issue for the november ballot pair. and say they want a greater voice in the decisions made about their children's education >> illinois lawmakers would have
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to approve the switch to an elected school board >> a dumpter reveals a brutal murder in indiana that takes the life of a high-school teenager >> the body of the 16 year-old was found in it indiana dump ster early thursday by a person passing by a. she had been strangled manually and had suffered trauma to her head and body. her mother had reported the girl to be missing wednesday night >> she told us the girl was not a habitual runaway and was a very good student >> cal city police say they now have a person in interest in custody >> he knows the family we feel
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we have the right person in custody >> police believe the girl was killed elsewhere and then brought here. her mother says she knows who killed their but did not want to speak to the media. neighbors did however and are terribly saddened >> it is just that i hope they get whoever did this >> one man was killed and his 19 year-old brother was critically wounded in a shooting this morning. police say the man who died was 20 years old and was shot in the chest. his brother was shot in both arms. they both were taken to advocate medical center where one later died. police are not yet releasing the names of the victims and. no one is in custody >> a fire severely damaged an apartment building in indiana leaving several people homeless. the fire broke out of around 9:00 last night. seven
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local fire departments showed up to this scene it where firefighters worked into the early morning hours to get the blaze under control. one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. no one was injured in the incident. police are still investigating what started the fire >> father's day will be aay of action for the rev. jesse jackson. next bill large protests he is planning >> also chicago's biggest day of service this year comes to a closed >> chicago managed a high of 90 degrees... forecast next... break
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joining forces to announce a protest on father's day against a local gun store. reverend jackson has protested at chuck's guns toward store ... reverend jackson claimed police have found that in the last 10 years the store sold more than 3500 guns that were recovered in crimes. three of them were allegedly used to kill police officers >> and the flow of violenceor reverend jackson said there would be similar protests in 15 cities around the country
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>> mayor e manual was the speaker today at graduation ceremonies at two chicago high- school. the first was at morgan park and. more than 80 percent of the 300 plus graduates have been accepted to a college. in his commencement address he lauded the heritage of opportunities for the students >> today marked chicago's largest day of service the 19th annual serve-a-thon. more than 5000 volunteers turned out at daley plaza for this event. sponsored by chicago cares... volunteers come together to transform the city's public schools and improve the learning environment for some 18,000 students >> windy city habitat for
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humanity on a combined block and build party today... the president of the volunteers who help to build a home. it all began at about 830 this morning. a spokesman for the 34th aboard alderman descried the vision for the development of the neighborhood >> for the volunteers and neighbors a lunchtime break complete with live music. windy city habitat has built 90 houses in a number of chicago neighborhoods in partnership with families in need >> we keep on getting warmer and warmer... next jingrede
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increase in temperatures tomorrow... we do have eight beautifula beautiful time lapse... winds out of south all day... cool air alonng nw states... 79 degrees tonight. not strong
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winds. projection of what the cold air is to do... sweep through here quickly. it will be hot again friday and saturday. floriday 13.11 in rainfall t 13.11 in rainfall today! our
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forecast... clear skies tonight. warm night. tomorrow mostly sunny 90-95. tomorrow night partly cloudy and warm. monday the clouds increase with afternoon storms 86-89 degrees. cool off middle part of week. heat comes back next weekend. >> the queen of 30 min meals
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rachel ray brought her newest hit the bulk of burger to chicago toda book of burger to chicago today. hosted a meet and greatet with the tv food star as part of the chicago tribune. they swapped stories in some favorite recipes before she signed copies of the book >> the book features over 200 recipes for burgers and more >> a major fund-raiser was held downtown to help the united
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negro college fund. the 12th annual black and white ball was held at the fairmont hotel. the group honored american airlines and the chicago defender. high- profile politicians and media were there. the raise money to fund scholarships for black students and historically black colleges and universities >> tonights a lottery drawing is next... and the blowout sale ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ttvwju.vog#wvs#q(pst)uog2uase1l-9k8elsvíe' qpee3sz@a0c$ tt>ff@]!
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and taking the slender right- hander from florida may go down as one of ken williams finest hours. he was good from the beginning and is getting better heading for the all-star game in his second year in the big leadsleagues... >> he was in total command again helping the sox scored a big win over the astros... with an era of 2.05... 19 homers and 45 rbis. the stocks of winning it 10-1 sox win 10- sox win 10-1
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>>he is pitching great@ >! >> great guys to be around >> t-wolves star... 2 rbis... 8 earned runs. cubs lose again... 21 games under .500 mark >> it is all on the line in south florida tonight for the celtics into the heatand the heat...
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>> celtics up by 11... >> heat come back... game in the 3rd... >> devils led 1-0... kings have a 3-1 game lead... trying to stay alive. >> union rags sneaking in on the rauil to take the belmont stakes
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... he was seventh in the derby it did not run in the preakness but with a new jockey he takes the belmont after i'll have another was scratched >> it was a long hard come back for maria sharapova... she won the the french open... it was her first win at the french open >> that's the news ! thank you for watching...


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